JETCO APIX – Winner of ‘FinTech Awards 2018 – Outstanding Cross Industry Innovative Platform’

The ‘FinTech Awards 2018’ held by ET Net, the leading professional finance & information platform of the industry, has drawn to a successful close on 6 March 2019. Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited (“JETCO”) is awarded for ‘Retail / Supply Chain Management – Outstanding Cross Industry Innovative Platform’ with JETCO APIX for the significant contribution on driving FinTech and API (Application Programming Interface) developments in Hong Kong.

Ms. Salome See Sau Mei, HKET Executive Director and Managing Director of ET Net said: “FinTech is the new trend that must not be neglected by the financial industry and future technology. In the era of digital emergent, it is critical to cultivate a vigorous FinTech ecosystem by driving innovation of global financial services and the advance of business nature, as well as the expectation from end-users for more convenient financial products.”