Alert – Bogus phone calls purportedly from JETCO

21 August 2020

JETCO would like to alert the public about suspicious phone calls alleged to be made by JETCO representatives. These phone calls claim that the customer’s bank card is suspended and request the customer to deposit or transfer money to another bank account.

JETCO wishes to remind the public that JETCO does not, and will not initiate any outbound calls to bank customers through the general line (2862-9999). JETCO has no authorization to suspend any bank card or bank accounts of the customers. In addition, JETCO will not request bank customers to perform transactions in any form. Customers are reminded not to make deposit or transfer to any unidentified accounts.

Should the public have any doubt regarding the identity of the caller claiming to be from JETCO, please obtain the caller’s full name and direct contact number for verification.

Any member of the public who has provided, or suspected that he / she has provided deposit or transfer to any unidentified account should immediately contact the bank or report such cases to the Hong Kong Police Force.

In order to safeguard the interest of customers, JETCO shall closely monitor the trend of similar cases and will take corresponding actions wherever necessary.