As the cardholder of a JETCO member bank, you can transfer money between different accounts in your bank at any JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong or Macau.

It’s safe, convenient and can be done in minutes.

Easy steps to transfer

Choose your transaction account and select “TRANSFER”.

Select recipient account in the ATM card, or enter account number after pressing “ACCOUNT IN CARD ISSUER”.

ATM Locator

Find the ATM nearest to you supporting China UnionPay (CUP), MasterCard/Cirrus or JCB networks.

  • Can I make fund transfer to anyone through ATM?

    A customer can transfer funds from his/her bank account to an account (including another bank account of his/hers and a third party's account) in the same bank at all JETCO ATMs.

    Customers can also transfer funds to an account in another JETCO member bank through any JETCO ATMs bearing the "Interbank Transfer" logo. Please refer to the "List of the participating member banks of Interbank Transfer service".

  • Can I make transfers to overseas accounts?

    No. Hong Kong customers can only transfer money to accounts in Hong Kong. Same case for Macau customers, they can only transfer money to accounts in Macau.

  • Is there a daily transfer limit?

    Yes. The daily transfer limit is set by your card-issuing bank.

  • Is there a service charge for making a transfer?

    There is no service charge for fund transfer between accounts in the same bank. However, some banks may apply a service charge for fund transfer to an account in another member bank. Please contact your card-issuing bank for further enquiries.

  • Where can I find JETCO ATM?

    You may find and locate a JETCO ATM through our ATM Locator. By selecting the desired Region, Area and District, a list of JETCO ATMs will show up on the map indicating the supported services and currencies, along with the exact address of the specific ATM. The number of displayed ATMs will indicate only the ATMs of the selected District. To find an ATM of another District, simply select from the "District" menu at the top of the ATM Locator.

  • What can I do if the ATM does not eject my card or if I forgot to take the card?

    Please contact your card issuing bank for assistance immediately.

  • Under what circumstances that my transaction will be rejected?
    • If your bank account has insufficient money, your transaction will be rejected.
    • If the service is not supported by your bank, the transaction will be rejected.
    • If the service does not allow cross region transaction, the transaction will be rejected.